The Lyon school of physiotherapy for scoliosis, managed by Dr. Jean Claude de Mauroy, the head of the orthopedic medicine department at Clinique du Parc, Lyon, France, is one of the oldest physiotherapy schools in France and one of the first schools to be integrated into the Faculty of Medicine program in Lyon. Physiotherapy is an integral part of the Lyon approach to the management of scoliosis in conjunction with casting and bracing.

The Lyon method traditionally combined PSSE with the Lyon brace and casting, and more recently has combined PSSE with bracing alone in the form of the new Lyon ARTbrace (Asymmetrical Rigid Torsion brace). Physiotherapeutic treatment includes 3D mobilization of the spine, mobilization of the ilio-lumbar angle (lumbar scoliosis), patient education, and activities of daily living, including correction of the sitting position.

-Source: Berdishevsky H, Lebel VA, Bettany-Saltikov J, et al. Physiotherapy scoliosis-specific exercises - a comprehensive review of seven major schools. Scoliosis Spinal Disord. 2016;11:20. Published 2016 Aug 4. doi:10.1186/s13013-016-0076-9 

About Dr. Dr. Jean-Claude de Mauroy, MD

In 1973, Dr. de Mauroy was still a medical student at the “Centre des Massues”, world famous for scoliosis treatment. He met Dr. Stagnara who entrusted him with his thesis on infantile scoliosis. MD in 1975, he became head of a department of 36 beds for paediatric orthopaedics.

With Dr. Stagnara, Dr. de Mauroy co-founded the Outpatient and Documentation department of the Centre des Massues. When Dr. Stagnara retired, he created with his successor Dr Picault, the European Spine Center at the Clinique du Parc.

Dr. de Mauroy is retired lecturer at the University Claude Bernard.

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Optional Entrance

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FREE public access to 10% of the Lyon Method Course material
  • No certificate will be obtained​

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Recorded Pre-course (New York 2020)


USD $145

by Jean Claude de Mauroy (Founder of SOSORT, Head of Orthopaedic Medicine Department, Clinique du Parc, France

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Lyon Method NYC Course

(4 week rental) by Dr. JCD


Start your journey into the oldest method of treatment for Scoliosis, the Lyon method. Dr. Jean Claude de Mauroy is a complete visionary and expert in the field of Scoliosis. This is the first step towards introducing the Lyon method into your Physiotherapy treatment for Scoliosis. The Lyon method is a great foundation and complementary to other methods of scoliosis treatment. This method originated in Lyon, France, and was the first to make the sagittal plane its speciality. This course was designed by Dr. Jean Claude de Mauroy, to carefully synthesize his 48 years of experience in Scoliosis. It was organized and recorded by Dr. Hagit Berdishevsky in New York in early 2020 and was a huge success!  Now, you have the chance to watch the recorded event from your home or office on your computer!

Featured Lyon Method Videos
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Lyon Method Certification Course Tutorials

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Peaking into Lyon Method Education


  • Title: Advanced Scoliosis and Sagittal Plane Training for Bracing and Therapy for JIS, AIS and ASD 

  • Online pre-course completion is recommended but not mandatory​

  • 5% discount towards the Certification course for a reduced price 

Certificate Entrance


Course Details


Lyon Method Theory Exam



  • Live exam (50 questions) with Jean Claude de Mauroy

  • Upon passing the exam the attendance will receive:

    • Certificate of Completion of the Lyon Method Theory course

Fee: USD $250


Lyon Method Theory



  • Online, delivered through: full 100% access after payment

  • After completion of the course material participants will receive:

    • Certificate of Attendance of the Lyon Method Theory course

Fee: USD $1,850

Lyon Method Practical Comprehensive Exam for PTs


  • Requirements: Submission of 6 short videos (2-5min each) over 6 months applying the Lyon method exercises and one final 10-15min video to the PT examiners

  • Upon completion, the attendance will receive:

    • Certificate of Master in the Lyon Method Physical Therapy

  • TOTAL PATHWAY = $2,850 USD ($2,760 USD if taking NYC recorded course)

Fee: USD $750


Lyon Method Practical Comprehensive Exam for CPOs and MDs


  • In person communication and feedback from Jean Claude de Mauroy

  • Requirements: Submission of 3 cases (using the Lyon bracing technique) to Jean Claude de Mauroy

  • Upon completion, the attendance will receive:

    • Certificate of Master in the Lyon Method Bracing

  • TOTAL PATHWAY = $2,850 USD ($2,760 USD if taking NYC recorded course)

Fee: USD $750



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