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SSOL Schroth Practical (P1) Recording

For certified Schroth Physical Therapists who are looking to refresh their knowledge and maintain their practical skills, the recording of Dr. Hagit Berdishevsky's SSOL Schroth Practical Part 1 (P1) Course is available for rent.  The recording includes all six days of lectures, labs and patient demonstrations, and covers Schroth-based principles for treating scoliosis and spinal conditions, basic exercises for each curve type, and topics such as clinical and radiological evaluation, individual treatment plans, team approach to treatment, and adult spinal deformity.  The high-quality video recordings are well organized for ease of viewing.


Once you provide proof of current Schroth certification by Emailing an attachment to SSOL, we will send you a personal access code to rent the P1 course recording.  The code will be valid for one year and can be renewed annually, at no additional cost, for up to five years.

The SSOL Schroth P1 Course is available in English and Hebrew for rent. Please indicate in your Email whether you would like the English or Hebrew version.

P1 Recording
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