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I was very overwhelmed with emotion at the end of this course. It was one of the most demanding and fulfilling courses I have taken to date- and I have taken many! I found it to be a personal, demanding journey and an extremely rewarding achievement. The material was challenging but I found Hagit to have an enourmous talent for teaching the material in an organized, methodical way so that one was able to understand the physics, principles and methodogy. Hagit and Meredith taught us to look at the body in a way not usually taught, and to strive for the optimum output from our patients - which required our absolute best as practitioners every moment during the experience (treatment). I found them to be overwhelmingly inspiring. Their passion, knowledge and sincere desire for all the students to succeed was palpable. And their passion extended to each of us individually and as a group. I would recommend this course for anyone who has the desire and eagerness to learn and bring their skills to a new level. 

Practical Part 1 (P1)


I would recommend someone to this course if they are interested in working with the patient population. This experience has helped me a lot and inspired me. I want to increase my caseload to include a large amount of scoliosis patients to become excellent at this craft of PT

Practical Part 1 (P1)


SSOL is the place to go, no doubt!! The week spent together was more than just a learning/course experience. It was the bonding, the belonging, the love felt and given by everyone. It was sad to leave. Captured that last glimpse of the place as I shut the door behind me. Though little sleep and much hard work, I left this course feeling renewed, refreshed, and so very motivated to do more, do different. A much needed boost, personally and professionally. Professionally - tip of the iceberg with what I have just learned and what I can do with it. How it will translate to patient care and towards improved quality of life. I look forward to applying these new skills, learning them well, and taking P2!

Practical Part 1 (P1)


This course reminded me to continue practicing new ideas and options. It reminded me to not remain rigid in working with patients. I am excited to apply the new variations and ideas to my patients when I return next week. I would not hesitate to emphatically recommend this course to anyone who was considering or asked me about it.

Practical Part 1 (P1)


I walked away from this course with a clear image and understanding of the person I strive to be. I knew I would learn invaluable information I've been searching for as a PT, but I didn't expect to walk away reconnecting with myself at a deeper and spiritual level which so often gets dimmed by the demands of working as a PT. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Hagit and SSOL for an unforgettable and life-changing experience as a person and physical therapist. It really set the standard for all of my learning experiences.

Practical Part 1 (P1)


This was one of the best learning experiences of my career so far. I feel like I have such a good understanding of scoliosis and how to work with people with scoliosis. I would absolutely recommend this course. Hagit has an incredible understanding of scoliosis and is such a powerful teacher.

Practical Part 1 (P1)


I feel empowered as a clinician and individual and excited to share this knowledge with my community! Even general breathing tips and elongation of spine is valuable in every day life and will share with my patients and family too to empower them! I would highly recommend this course.

Practical Part 1 (P1)


It really inspired me to really focus and be even more detailed and precise with patients. It encouraged me to keep learning more about scoliosis as well

Practical Part 1 (P1)


It inspired me to approach any kind of PT eval or treatment from a totally different perspective as well as made me much more aware of my own breathing and posture. I would highly recommend this course if youre interested in spine health in a way that is much different from PT school

Practical Part 1 (P1)

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