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Q: What distinguishes SSOL Schroth from other Schroth-based schools?

A: SSOL Schroth is unique among schools that train and certify physical therapists utilizing the principles of the Schroth method.   Its co-founders, Andrea Lebel Hagit Berdishevsky, both consummate teachers and practitioners, were personally mentored over the course of several years by pioneer Christa Lehnert-Schroth and have been educated and certified by most of the world’s major PSSE schools.  Andrea and Hagit have brought their wide-ranging knowledge to the job of creating a curriculum for SSOL Schroth that is both comprehensive and practical.  As part of the school’s commitment to educating physical therapists and its core belief that training and education must be a lifelong pursuit, SSOL Schroth has created a special program of free monthly webinars: both graduates and registrants of the SSOL Schroth certification program will have access to 18 hours each year of sessions that focus on current topics in scoliosis and include discussion and question and answer periods directly with the SSOL Schroth Teachers.

Q: Is the material taught by SSOL Schroth the same as the other Schroth-based schools?

A: While much of the material is the same in the various Schroth-based schools, SSOL Schroth employs a practical approach to training therapists with a focus on making sure that PTs and PTAs learn with precision the Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific Exercises (PSSE) they will employ to treat their patients.  In keeping with this practical approach, SSOL Schroth teaches functional exercises in modified form so that SSOL Schroth-trained PT/PTAs can effectively assist the population that is not capable of strictly performing certain Schroth exercises, such as adults with spinal conditions, individuals with neuromuscular scoliosis and individuals with early onset scoliosis.  SSOL Schroth also trains PT/PTAs to treat pre- and post-operative patients.


Q: Who is allowed to take the SSOL Schroth courses?

A: The SSOL Schroth courses are open to all PTs.  In addition, PTAs who work alongside Schroth-certified PTs are eligible to register.  Introduction to Scoliosis and Spinal Conditions is open to all health care professionals.


Q: What do the two levels, P1 and P2, mean in terms of my ability to treat patients?
A: A PT/PTA who successfully completes P1 will immediately have the ability and the certification necessary to treat patients with scoliosis and other spinal conditions.  P2 offers advanced knowledge and training.  Graduates of SSOL Schroth’s pathway will be certified as SSOL Schroth Advanced Physical Therapists.


Q: If I have completed a first level certification course with another school and choose to register with SSOL Schroth for P2, will SSOL certify me?

A: Upon the successful completion of SSOL Schroth P2, the PT/PTA will be fully certified to treat patients with scoliosis or other spinal conditions.  This Schroth Advanced Physical Therapist certification will be issued by SSOL Schroth.


Q: What is the process for signing up for P2 if I have already completed first level certification with another school?

A: SSOL Schroth’s pathway to certification allows PT/PTAs who have already received training from other Schroth-based schools to register for the appropriate SSOL Schroth course based on prior experience and education.  PT/PTAs who have completed a first level certification course with another school may be eligible to enroll in SSOL Schroth’s P2 course.  The particular PT or PTA's prior experience and level of readiness will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Q: I am already fully certified by another school.  How can I become certified by SSOL Schroth?
A: PT/PTAs who are fully certified by another Schroth-based school can register for SSOL Schroth’s Transition Certification Course. A PT/PTA who successfully completes the course will be certified as an SSOL Schroth Advanced Physical Therapist.


Q: What is the free monthly webinar and who is eligible to participate?

A: All PT/PTA's who are certified by SSOL Schroth, and all PT/PTA's who are registered for an SSOL Schroth course, may attend the Free Monthly Webinars.  These therapists will also have access to the recorded library of past Free Monthly Webinars.

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